Femininity - the Path to Ecstasy

Woman is the Creator of the Universe.
She is indeed the very body of the Universe.
Woman is the foundation of all three worlds.
She is the essence of our body.
There is no jewel rarer than woman,
no condition superior to that of a woman.
There is not, nor has been, nor will be
any destiny equal to that of a woman;
(Shakti-sangama Tantra II, 52…)

there is no kingdom, no wealth, no happiness, no beauty
to be compared with a woman.
There is no prayer equal to a woman.
There is not, nor has been, nor will be
any yoga to compare with a woman,
no mystical formula nor asceticism
to match a woman.
There is not, nor has been, nor will be
Neither yesterday, nor today nor tomorrow
Any treasure superior to a Shakti,

Are you this woman? Who is she, then?

In reality, in the old Tantric text, the term used for ‘woman’ was SHAKTI. So, in order to read the quotation without considering it from the beginning as a “nice – but far from reality – poem”, one shall replace ‘woman’ with the correct word: Shakti.

Shakti means in Sanskrit 'feminine power, force of nature, universal energy'. She is the expression of the Eternal Feminine, or the Mother Deity, unifying the femininity and maternity through her cosmic manifestation. Tantra reveals that Shakti plays in the Cosmic Game innumerable nuances such as: cosmic creative force, mother who gives birth and nourishes everything, universal energy, seductive woman, devoted sister, initiated mistress, terrible power who destroys all limitations, Goddess who grants divine gifts, feminine force residing especially in beautiful, vital and spiritual women, fundamental energy Kundalini, (the sum of all extraordinary powers existing hidden and asleep in all human beings) and many more…
But maybe the most powerful manifestation of Shakti – the Universal Energy of Life – is the mysterious bountiful femininity awakened in certain special women in which most of the feminine qualities shine freely in the light of a great aspiration for spiritualizing their entire life.
Knowing or not, every woman has the potential to become a Shakti. Or, in simple words, there is a PERFECT WOMAN in each feminine human being, waiting (like the ‘sleeping beauty’) to be discovered.
Tantra is the best path to help a woman in the quest to reveal her unique perfect femininity and a lot more…

To be a Woman – destiny or fatality

Many people ask about their meaning in life, their destiny, their path… and hope for an exceptional answer. Who wouldn’t like to be a queen, a pop star, a famous actress, a leader of a successful company, surrounded by richness and glamour? And all this comes just from the false impression that money can buy everything! But in reality, the true meaning of one’s life is to discover through her direct experience the answer to the fundamental questions of life: who am I, where I am coming from, where I am going after the so-called death and what is this all about! Sooner or later, everybody feels the need to inquire about these aspects. That is the beginning of the spiritual research and Tantra is one of the best paths to consider for revealing these mysteries.

The Woman in Tantra

As one of the most spectacular systems that have been transmitted to us from ancient times, Tantra is assemblies of practical methods which guide the aspirant towards a spiritual state, making her overcome their own limitations that have been self-imposed in the process of the development of the personality.

Many questions asked by philosophers throughout the ages have been answered by Tantra in a natural way. What is surprising is that these answers are valid also for spiritual seekers. This is a unique fact which makes the Tantra system a priceless gift coming from antiquity to the modern age, (which is full of unprecedented serious problems.)

Tantra starts here and now and takes you from were you are. We are born with many qualities and we are aiming – consciously or not – to develop in many ways according to our specificities until perfection. That development is giving a person the direction to follow and that direction is the one that the entire universe is contributing to push us toward. But the only aspect that is amazingly clear (you just need a mirror to convince yourself) is that we all have a gender! So, it is part of the destiny of each and everyone of us to learn the lesson of our gender and make the best of it!

Beauty, harmony, health, self-confidence, wisdom, personal development, complete happiness, perfection, overwhelming fulfillment, great success in all aspects of life, wonderful couple-relationships etc. are all coming naturally on the way of becoming a perfect woman or, in Tantric words, a genuine manifestation of Shakti! Before being a ‘somebody’ (whatever your desires are) you are a woman. Getting to realize this amazing gift will awake all the hidden potentialities this extraordinary condition hides!