Tantra for Women - Introduction

In each woman exists, mysteriously, waiting to be awakened, the Sleeping Beauty. In Tantra this is called SHAKTI, the universal feminine power, the creative energy. She is the expression of the Eternal Feminine, or the Mother Goddess, unifying innumerable nuances of femininity in her manifestation as the force of Nature. Knowing or not, each woman could awaken the state of Shakti in her being, that unique and special energy, mystery and charm, specific only to her. Tantra offers the best method to discover this secret potential and bring it into the real life.

Tantra for Women is a unique course aiming to help the modern woman to discover the specific state of Shakti in her being – fulfilling thus her destiny.

Awakening this hidden feminine potential (Shakti state) transforms the woman’s entire life into a blossoming successful existence, in which the true values manifest fully. Beauty, health, balance, harmony, joy, happiness, meaning, spiritual awakening, control over the sexual energy, great couple relationships are just few values to mention…

The revolutionary unique method of the Tantra for Women course combines theory and exercises, working with the energies in a wonderful group of women, in order to make one’s mysterious potential blossom into the great feminine manifestation each woman truly is. (Read more about the topics of Tantra for Women courses…)

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